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Now you can access the platform solutions you use every day through Vendorly™. Our software pulls together the complementary applications you use and lets you view them in a single location.

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Provides scores, ratings and data insights to help you manage a complex network of vendors. Dun & Bradstreet® can help you:

  • Verify potential business partners’ identities
  • Evaluate the payment behavior of a business
  • Access third parties’ D&B® scores and ratings for signals indicating increased risk

Allows you to validate tax information provided by vendors, including company name and tax ID combination against IRS records. TINCheck services include:

  • IRS TIN/name matching
  • EIN/name lookup
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC-SDN) list matching 

Provides reliable settlement agent vetting services. Secure Insight™ offers you:

  • Settlement agent risk evaluation, monitoring and reporting by trained analysts
  • Access to a nationwide database of more than 50,000 vetted settlement agents
  • Performance review tool to supplement risk ratings. Verified, real-time transaction ratings by lenders for lenders — first in the industry

Enables you to validate your vendors’ bank account details through a platform that combines financial data, bureau checks and document verification. DirectID helps you:

  • Authenticate banking details
  • Reduce credit and compliance risk
  • Lower operational costs
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