Simplify vendor oversight

Vendorly™ promotes efficiency, transparency and control across your entire oversight process. Not only can you track all of your vendors in one place, but you can also receive timely alerts and insights into vendor conformity. It even offers a bird’s-eye view into a vendor’s regulatory status, certification, risk level and other variables through a user-friendly dashboard interface.

Monitor all of your vendors in one place
Our software is built to help you organize, track, oversee and identify potential vendor risk. Intuitive to use and customizable for your needs, Vendorly gives you the option to self-manage vendor oversight or supplement your practices with our added services.
Key software features include:

Dashboard intelligence –

get insights into which vendors are meeting your requirements and easily download reports

Document management –

consolidate and store vendor documentation and set alerts to update expired contracts

Oversight management –

create vendor profiles, customize controls to monitor certifications and develop automated questionnaires to streamline vendor review

Real-time notifications –

updates allow you to easily monitor vendor progress and to see when key tasks are completed

Software bots –

on-demand, automated review of key regulations to help you stay ahead of evolving vendor oversight requirements

See how Vendorly can help you

Save more time

Now you’ll proactively know when vendor paperwork is expiring. Vendorly provides real-time updates and alerts that identify missing, or soon to be expiring, documentation and lets you know exactly where your vendors stand.

Assess your risk

Consolidate vendor documentation and information in one place and filter by type, state and risk level. Vendorly allows you to specify what documentation is needed, depending on the risk level of each vendor.

Streamline your vetting process

Add new vendors and send automated messages outlining your requirements. Sophisticated controls let you access new vendors in our master database and block those who don’t meet your standards.

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